New Drug Treatment Facility Aims to Offer ‘Higher Level’ of Care

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HAGERSTOWN, Md. – A new drug treatment facility is coming to Washington County.

The new drug treatment facility on Potomac Street in Downtown Hagerstown will be called “Awakenings Recovery Center.” Some folks say, they don’t want this in their backyard.

“In the past, I have been in some type of environment where I’ve had to recover alcoholism,” said a resident who goes by “Hippie Kid.”

He’s a recovering alcoholic and knows first hand what it can do. Other residents say while the location is across the Washington County Library and some booming businesses, they think it just might be what Hagerstown needs.

“It’s coming to Downtown because this is where they need it,” said resident Rana Monen. “Hagerstown has things that they didn’t have before like homeless people, extra substance abuse that they have now.”

The Maryland Company that manages the inpatient addiction treatment facility says Washington County has many outpatient programs, but not many inpatient, one of the reasons why they’re locating here. They say their treatment will be a higher level of care.

“For our level of care, which will be a high intensity level of residential treatment they’ll be getting about 36 hours of group therapy a week,” said Nicholas Albaugh, Director of Licensing and Compliance for Amatus Health. “They’ll see their individual therapist at least once a week, they’ll work with case managers, legal issues, support issues things like that.”

“We used to have stores down here where everybody could go to. It used to be a beautiful town a long time ago,” said resident Rosita South.

But perhaps the biggest question, is how to get people battling substance abuse to take part in these programs.

“People need to be prepared to seek treatment and I think that’s something that’s a hindrance to addressing the issue to a larger extent,” said Rod MacRae, Information officer
for Washington County Health Department.

Officials say they plan to open their doors this year on December 1.

Written by Thao Ta
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